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SweetTea Cafe, a Chinese KTV, is located on Victoria Ave. in Regina. Photo by Cheryl Lu

Yunnie Li is enjoying a well-earned spring vacation in China with her family. As the owner of SweeTea Cafe KTV in Regina, this is one of the few breaks she’s ever had from her work in years. Next month when she comes back, her KTV is going to undergo a complete system update.

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Cindy Kuster Orban created Alicious Designs to raise awareness for Alzheimer's Disease to honour her mother. Photo by Richelle Peace 

Cindy Kuster Orban has grown her business enough that she is applying to present it at CBC’s Dragons’ Den; but whether she makes it or not, her business has helped her heal and contribute to an important cause.


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Larry Euteneier at Kronau mine land. Photo by Alex Antoneshyn.

 Since 2009, a hamlet in southeastern Saskatchewan has been waiting for news about the development of a potash mine, but with the December sale of Vale’s fertilizer business to Mosaic, the Kronau project is at a standstill once again.

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When Canadian sports fans think of Rod Pedersen, they think of the outspoken voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders—but if Pedersen were to describe himself, he’d say he’s an introvert.

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Jeff de Wit

Not many Western Hockey League players get a chance to play for their home team, but for a while, 18-year-old forward Jeff de Wit lived that dream.


Now though, he’s had to trade home-cooked meals and time with friends for a new city and new team.

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