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Olena Atamanchuk north of Kelliher, Sask.

A Christmas tree with gingerbread men hanging from its needles still stands in Olena Atamanchuk’s kitchen in her house north of Kelliher, even though it’s the end of January. The tree’s branches sneak into the frame of a window that looks west over fields of snow toward Warren Road — the same window that made her fret about the move from Ukraine almost two years ago.

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Regina fashion designer Dean Renwick

It’s mid-afternoon in downtown Regina. Despite being the dead of January, people stroll down the sidewalks with their jackets open, their breath translucent in the warm winter air. As they pass the corner of 12th Avenue and Rose Street, most take a curious glance through the giant windows at men and women in lab-like coats carefully cutting and measuring fabrics. These onlookers may not realize it, but they have a front-row seat to the Queen City’s fashion industry, and they might even catch a glimpse of the man at the centre of it all—Dean Renwick. 

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Jim Demeray, president of Understand Us.

Jim Demeray is a musician, recreational baseball player, do-it-yourself craftsman and local businessman. He looks like your average 35-year-old with brown hair and blue eyes – but Demeray battles every day with severe generalized anxiety disorder.

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Saying “yes” to everything is not advice most get when they’re growing up, but for Chelsey Clifford saying “yes” has gotten her two degrees, three jobs, and an international teaching opportunity.

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UR Press Publisher Bruce Walsh.


With his years of experience and a passion for books, Bruce Walsh helped transform a small prairie publishing house into a power house.

Walsh, director and publisher of University of Regina Press (U of R Press), was born and raised in Nova Scotia and has lived across the country, in Calgary, Quebec City, Toronto, Montreal and now Regina.

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