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Riel Lasting Power

The Terrorist

Raising Change

The Devil You Know


Dearly Deported

Long Way Home

Reeling in a Revolution



Right of Passage

Two Paper Town



Water Wars

Methadone Madness

Saskatchewan Seafarer


Up Against Ignorance

The Mayor of Nowhere

Life is a Highway

It's Not Easy Being Andy




Born this way

Buying time

Out on the water

Bad medicine




 Faraway home

  Blood in, blood out

  Dark side of the lens

  The LaLoche Project



  Got Lactose?

  Into the Dark

  The Great Battle of Moose Jaw

  Burned Straight







 Beyond coffee row

 Culture clash

 Stand up


 The Call






God's country

Change for parking

Ring master

All that stupid courage






 To dance

 The window

 Canadian, tired

 Burnin' rink o' fire