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Rue, a rescued pitbull from Montreal, smiles for the camera with her owner, Lauren Steele. Photo by Richelle Peace

Any dog owner can attest that their four-legged friend finds a place in their heart and eventually becomes another member of the family, and when they have had a near-death experience, they are even more precious.


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Four members of the Regina hip-hop group Rezofwar Dawgz. The group started out as the brainchild of Terrorize, in 2000, when he traveled to British Columbia and met freestyle rappers. The group slowly grew in numbers over the years. There are 14 members all together. From left to right, Terrorize, Misfit, G-Face and Sirda. Photo by Creeden Martell.

"Whoever is not with me is against me; whoever does not gather with me, scatters,” – The Book of Luke, chapter 11, verse 23.

The verse is the mantra of Regina hip-hop group Rezofwar Dawgs (R.O.W.) and one they play close to the chest. The group is all about believing in one's self and empowerment. For the members of R.O.W., that means speaking no bullshit and taking no bullshit from others. Their songs are all written from experience. They are adamant that if you didn't live the words being spit over the bars, there's no point in saying them.

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Arloe Scott aka Trixie Applejaxx, a burlesque dancer stands on a street in her burlesque makeup.

For the last eight years Arloe Scott has had an interesting hobby — burlesque dancing.

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Royal Saskatchewan Museum conservator Alyssa Becker-Burns discusses her work preserving artifacts. Photo by Taylor Rattray.

Surrounded by plastic-draped boxes of artifacts, Alyssa Becker-Burns examines a small fossil. Her nimble hands, protected by blue latex gloves, gently inspect the piece for signs of contamination.

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Michelle Stapleton, 25, was selected to attend the inaugural Hockey Canada Level V officiating seminar for females and is the first Saskatchewan female to achieve the title.

Michelle Stapleton is one of seven in the country with the title. Men have been at that echelon for years, but she is one of an elite team of women who will pave the way for others.

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