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Evangeline Godron

She walks into the coffee shop wearing a neon yellow safety vest over her long winter coat. A light blue backpack hangs on her arms, on the verge of falling off. Walking slowly up to the till, she orders hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and, of course, a straw. She sits down opposite me on a high chair facing the window and looks out at Victoria Avenue.


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The Cathedral neighbourhood is unique compared to many in Regina, with its small shops and a village like feel.  At the heart of the neighbourhood is 13th Avenue which is line with a number of shops and restaurants, including one which has been a staple in the neighbourhood the 13th Avenue Coffee House.   And on this Friday morning, it is where Andrew Stevens, business professor at the University of Regina’s and city councillor for Ward 3, can be found. 


Stevens is hard at work marking papers, we are several weeks into the semester so it’s a busy time for students and professors alike.  However not many other professors have to balance teaching and family with the duties of representing a ward with lots of variety and lots of different concerns.

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Susan Birley

A tall, light moss green house with green-blue trim stands on a tree-lined street in Regina’s Cathedral neighbourhood. From the outside, it’s a home of character, like others in the neighbourhood. Inside -- it’s more.

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For the 39-year-old business owner Mike Smider, the most exciting part of his job was to receive his orders of new products.

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Rue, a rescued pitbull from Montreal, smiles for the camera with her owner, Lauren Steele. Photo by Richelle Peace

Any dog owner can attest that their four-legged friend finds a place in their heart and eventually becomes another member of the family, and when they have had a near-death experience, they are even more precious.


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