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Lorraine Liu, left, and Rae Ming, right, both 18 and ESL students from China, sing a Chinese love song at SweeTea Cafe on Victoria Avenue, while their friend Jacob Lee, 23, waits his turn on his cellphone. SweeTea Cafe, which opened in August, is one of two karaoke bars in Regina. Photo by Adam Gamble.

The room flashes from green to blue, and from blue to red, as Chinese lyrics appear on a flat screen TV. “You are boys, so you go first,” Rae Ming, an 18-year-old ESL student at the University of Regina, laughingly tells her friends. They shrug off her request and Ming grabs the red microphone, her friend, Lorraine Liu, also 18, grabbing the yellow one, and they begin to sing a love song.

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Ryan Doka's full time job includes filming himself eating disgusting food in his friend's basement. Here Doka sits in the basement checking up on his YouTube channel. Photo by Khang Nguyen.

In high school, Jade Schlechter’s basement was the place to be. A party at Schlechter’s meant unrelenting teenage rowdiness and a guarantee someone would be curled up around the porcelain throne by the end of the night.


Schlechter isn’t in high school anymore, but there’s still a familiar face wreaking havoc and puking his guts out in the basement every week. Why? Well, it’s his job.

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Vinycl record spinning. Photo by Rikkeal Bohmann.

In the basement of the Tiki Room on 11th Avenue you can find Regina’s indie record store.

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Bonnie Allen is a senior reporter with CBC Saskatchewan with 16 years of experience working throughout Canada and countries like Libya, South Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Her passions for travel and human rights have informed many of her career choices and journalistic interests. After taking a leave of absence from CBC in 2005, she moved to West Africa and covered stories of child abuse and exploitation as a freelance journalist. Last year, Allen worked on numerous pieces exploring the horrific assault of Marlene Bird, who was found beaten and burned nearly to death in Prince Albert on June 1.

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Dave and Krista McBain in their kitchen.

When you think about what products are grown in Saskatchewan your first thoughts are likely along the lines of barley or canola.

However, there is a niche market in the province that could be on the rise in future years: garlic.

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