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Martin Academy co-coordinator Rob Cherepuschak

Regina high school students Jayden Lorenz and Brandon Logan took a leap of faith of sorts when, despite pleas from their friends, they each decided to enroll at the newly formed Martin Academy, the Queen City’s newest addition to its public school system.

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Mallory Weiss and Kristina Derrick regularly find themselves mailing packages all over the globe.

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Frank Theofan, owner of Bach and Beyond.  Photo by Jason Kerr.

The Golden Mile Shopping Centre on the southern part of Albert Street stands as a monument to a bygone era. Built as Regina’s first ever mall back in the ’60s, it’s survived shifting demographic tides, robbery attempts and a 2013 air gun scare. Large print signs blaring names like Rexall Pharmacy and Smitty’s hang overtop the various entrances that weekday shoppers scramble into, seeking protection from the last blizzard of the year. Inside there are numerous beauty salons, doctors, investment advisors and more than a few specialty stores – the mall’s heart and soul.

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Two Regina men designed a board game in Regina.

The dice rolls seven. You move the robber to the wood square your buddy with the most points sits on. You steal his brick card, exactly what you needed. Time to lay down that last road you need to steal the longest road card as you throw your hands in the air in victory.


Board games like this one, Settlers of Catan, take time and effort to play, and even longer to create. And the brains behind these exciting games aren’t your typical tech geeks.

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Lorraine Liu, left, and Rae Ming, right, both 18 and ESL students from China, sing a Chinese love song at SweeTea Cafe on Victoria Avenue, while their friend Jacob Lee, 23, waits his turn on his cellphone. SweeTea Cafe, which opened in August, is one of two karaoke bars in Regina. Photo by Adam Gamble.

The room flashes from green to blue, and from blue to red, as Chinese lyrics appear on a flat screen TV. “You are boys, so you go first,” Rae Ming, an 18-year-old ESL student at the University of Regina, laughingly tells her friends. They shrug off her request and Ming grabs the red microphone, her friend, Lorraine Liu, also 18, grabbing the yellow one, and they begin to sing a love song.

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