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Gord Poulton, program director at Adaptive Alpine Ski Program at Mission Ridge.

Come snow or sunshine, on Saturdays during ski season, chances are you’ll find Gord Poulton out on the Mission Ridge ski slopes.

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It is not news for most people that Saskatchewan has been hit hard by the downturn in oil prices.  The unemployment rate has gone up and the province is grappling with a budget deficit of over a billion dollars.  In the southeast part of the province, where the oil industry is a major employer, people have been especially hit hard.

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70-year-old Howard Boehmer

Even though he never played hockey growing up, 70-year-old Howard Boehmer has always loved the game of hockey. His passion for the game has lasted for 51 years when some friends got him hooked back in 1966.

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Poor Nameless Boy's front man Joel Henderson

"I love muffins more than anything in the world, but there is no muffin in the world worth $3.50," says Joel Henderson, the Estevan-born musician who calls himself Poor Nameless Boy. Henderson has no problem splurging for a giant glazed cinnamon bun and extra-large coffee for the same price.

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