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Robert Wornanu, a 24-year-old Ghanaian permanent resident.

What seemed like a minor error, miscalculating the weight of bread baked at a Regina bakery in a day, left Robert Wornanu suspended from work for five days.

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Local angler Michael Allen fishes on Last Mountain Lake. Photo by Colton Hordichuk.

The line tightens and the drag is set. The rod bends and a wall-hanger northern pike breaks the surface of the water. Fighting to reel in the monster, you ask yourself: should I keep it or release it?

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Roman Young

The University of Regina (U of R) recently released its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, titled “peyak aski kikawinaw” which the school translates into English as “we are one with Mother Earth”.

As stated in the plan, the main emphasis along with sustainability, is to “Indigenize” the university through priorities including student success, research impact and commitment to our communities.

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Rhonda Donais

According to a recent story in Maclean’s Magazine, Winnipeg is the most racist city in Canada. Here in Regina, some people beg to differ.

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Xhelil (left) and his wife Makfire (right)

It’s 2 p.m. on an unusually warm January morning as Xhelil and Makfire Neziri are enjoying a day off.  A relative is watching their youngest daughter, age two and a half, and their eldest, almost seven, is quietly drawing at the table in their small but comfortable duplex. The smell of Turkish coffee flows out of the kitchen and into the small living room, where the Neziri’s have managed to cram two sofas, a TV and a dining room table into a space made for much less than that. On the stand, next to their television, sits a small reminder of where they’ve come from: a flag with six white stars and a yellow patch of land over top of a blue background. Kosovo.

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