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U of R cheerleader Cade Eastwood

Cheerleading isn’t always about pom poms and shouting “give me an A!” Given the physicality behind the stunts these athletes do, it isn’t surprising men have made their way into the sport.

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Sydney Notschaele, 15-year-old biathlete on Team Saskatchewan, gets ready to take aim with her rifle during target practice at the Regina Wildlife Federation. Photo by Victoria Dinh.

Sydney Notschaele sat on a bench clenching and unclenching her fists to warm up her frozen hands beneath her thin gloves.


“Before every race I get so nervous [that] I can't think,” Notschaele said. “My stomach feels like I'm going to throw up and I just want the race to be over.”


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Stefanie Lawton practicing at Nutana Curling Club in Saskatoon before the big tournament. Photo by Jeremy Simes

It has been a busy season for Saskatoon’s Stefanie Lawton.


After taking a minor hiatus to raise her new baby boy, she’s back, ready to win it all at the 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw at Mosaic Place.

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Leah Ann Prosper trains at Spirit of the Dragon for the upcoming U.S. MMA Championship this summer.

Leah Ann Prosper is fighting her way to Florida. This summer, the nine-year-old mixed martial artist from Regina is heading to Orlando for the U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championship.

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Robert Wornanu, a 24-year-old Ghanaian permanent resident.

What seemed like a minor error, miscalculating the weight of bread baked at a Regina bakery in a day, left Robert Wornanu suspended from work for five days.

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