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Regina Transition House

“He tried to run over me with his car. It was just not a relationship I wanted to be in, and still I didn’t want to let it go because he was the father of my children.”


It was 1972, and 19 year old Doreen Topp married. She never imagined only months later, she would be abused by her husband.

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There is estimated to be around 3,700 wolves in Saskatchewan.The gray wolf, pictured above at the Royal Saskatchewan Musuem, is the most common.

By the time Tim Thompson finished his daily duties as a school bus driver, Bunny the Border Collie would be sitting by the tractor ready to help him feed the cattle.


“I got home that day and I thought, ‘where the hell is Bunny’?”

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Alvin Law photo illustration by Evan Radford.

Alvin Law says he stopped asking himself “why me?” a long time ago. After living with no arms for 30 years of his life, he started asking himself “why not me?”

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by Eric Bell

With temporary foreign workers currently employed at over 400 businesses across the province, some organizations are looking at ways to improve safety training for new Canadians in the workplace.

Jim Bence of the Saskatchewan Hospitality Safety Association says that “not a lot” is done when it comes to safety training for new Canadians in the hospitality industry, a sector which frequently hires temporary workers. 

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by Julia Dima

                Dementia is not easy for any family. My heart aches for the pain people have experienced watching this disease take over those they love. My heart also soars at seeing how dementia teaches us about love and cherishing the little moments. In fact, the whole process is therapeutic.

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