Chelsea O'Connell

by Maureen Mugerwa


Years ago, someone told Chelsea O’Connell that fashion could not be done in Saskatchewan. Instead of giving up, she used it as motivation.


O’Connell is now co-creator and director of Saskatchewan Fashion Week & co-owner of three clothing stores in Regina: Coda Clothing and Shoes, Cade Style Lounge and  Apartment 3B, a sneaker shop.

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Neil Young

by Braden Dupuis


It was 1954.


The United States was gearing up for war in Vietnam, the paranoia of McCarthyism was in full swing and, somewhere in Chicago, an eight-year-old Alison Hayford was settling in to watch folk-singer Pete Seeger play a concert in her living room.


"He was considered to be a communist, and it was a time when people were really afraid of communism," Hayford, a retired University of Regina professor, recalled.


Hayford was too young to fully understand the political implications of Seeger's music, or the dangers of hosting one of his concerts in your living room, but she did know one thing.


"I was afraid of McCarthy," she laughed. "I knew McCarthy was a really bad person."


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The Globe Theatre’s lobby overflows with people. Some sip alcoholic beverages from the cash-only bar. The old patrons and eager newcomers mingle together as they wait for Becky’s New Car and Conrad-Roy: Daffily Ever After to start. The line to the theatre grows longer. The guests are finally shuffled in to the smaller, intimate stage.


The rows of black chairs fill up quickly. Front row guests are only a few steps away from the ground floor stage while those more comfortable in the back sit precariously close to the lighting designer. Conrad-Roy viewers eagerly await the play’s beginning.

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KAZZ Clothing Tank Top

by Maureen Mugerwa


Designing has always been her passion.


Ashley Kasdorf interest began sketching designs when she was 11 and started styling her friends soon after. Upon her graduation from highschool in 2006, she won a scholarship to the Art Institute of Vancouver where her fashion and design career officially began.


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