Robyn TockerSince 1993, the province has held the Saskatchewan Book Awards (SBA) to highlight the great writers and publishers living beneath these blue skies.


“People say that Manitoba is full of musicians and Saskatchewan is full of writers. I don't know if that's true but I do know there are a lot of writers who live in Saskatchewan and are very good,” said Melanie Schnell, winner of the First Book Award and Regina Award in the 2013 SBA.

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Tony Munch (Joe). Neil Foster (Steve), and Nathan Howe (Chris) get down to business. Photo by Robyn Tocker

There are chairs everywhere. Wine glasses clutter a table and there’s a brown couch nestled in the corner of the rehearsal space with a throw blanket over the back. Red tape lines cut the large room into sections marked by signs on the white walls. A rack of clothes greets those late to rehearsal. This is where the performers of the Globe Theatre’s play Becky’s New Car run scenes, getting ready for the day when the play will make its debut.


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