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As the agriculture industry is becoming more advanced in technology, so is the way farmers can rent land. A website called was launched last February by two brothers and their wives.



Kevin, Shannon, Andrew and Brittany Veurink from Ontario have come up with an idea to make renting land easier for farmers.


Shannon Veurink said her husband Kevin came up with the idea as a result of his and his brother’s struggles renting land and hearing about other farmers’ hassles.


From that the website was born.


The website allows land owners and farmers to connect online.


Land owners can register with the site and then put up an ad for their land, with the size, location and special requirements listed.


The site has three categories: pasture, grain, or other. Shannon Veurink said that the 'other' category leaves options for the future in case people need vacant lots for something other than agriculture.


Farmers can also register with the site and check off criteria they are looking for such as how many kilometres they’re willing to travel to the land.


The website notifies farmers via e-mail if there’s a match.


The farmer can then ask the owner questions and their conversation is posted on the website.


If a farmer is interested he can place an offer. The land owner receives all the offers at the end of the allotted time and can decide from there.


Brenda McMath owns land in Ramara, Ont. and had success finding a farmer for her land with the website.


“We were thrilled with the whole concept of what it’s doing because it’s putting together people that normally would never be able to connect with each other,” said McMath.


McMath’s ad stated she didn’t want Monsanto seed or pesticides or herbicides used on the land.


McMath wasn’t sure if she would find anybody but things worked out.


“We found the farmer, we got the price we wanted and we’re thrilled. Everybody wins,” said McMath.


McMath said there is a real draw to this website in Ontario because land prices are rising and buying land isn’t an easy option for people.


As for here in Saskatchewan, Veurink said they are still working at getting the word out.


The company was at the Farm Progress Show in June in Regina and they are thinking about coming back again since Saskatchewan is a huge potential market.


The Veurinks expect a publicity boost after their idea appeared on Dragon’s Den on March 5, 2014.


Veurink said they filmed the episode in April of 2013, so it has been a long time coming.


“We were really looking at the feedback from the Dragons, too, and hoping to be able to show them and to show Canada that there is a real market for this and that our website really works that middle ground of what’s going to give the most value to the farmers and the landowners,” said Veurink.


The Veurinks went into the Den with looking for $40,000 for a 20 per cent stake in their company.


 Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon went in together on the deal for exactly what the Veurinks asked.


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