Janine Windolph

The school board for Bedford Road Collegiate in Saskatoon passed a motion to change the school sport’s team name and logo on March 4, 2014.


Saskatoon Public School Board chair Ray Morrison voted in favour in changing the name, the Redmen, and the logo, a picture of a braided First Nations warrior with feathers in his hair.


“As a board we thought long and hard. In my view, based on the information gathered, we need to find a way to move forward rather than getting stuck on the past,” said Morrison.


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On Jan 18 an oil spill at Enbridge Pipeline, Inc.’s Rowatt Station startled Regina; the spill wasn’t as damaging the Kalamazoo oil spill, but the disaster’s shadow lingers over a province where oil and gas could be the economic future. 


Although some of the oil was on a resident’s farm, Enbridge publicly says there’s “no impact to the public, wildlife or waterways."  But it’s not enough to assuage concerns from some citizens.

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Meka Okochi in his office

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipality Association is holding its 109th annual convention next week and this year’s theme is “Strength from Many People”.


CRA award winner, world-class long distance runner and former Ethiopian refugee, Ted Jaleta will be the convention's keynote speaker.


Jaleta is hoping to inspire the delegation by telling them his life story. He wants people to know about the great potential Saskatchewan and Canada has to offer immigrants.


Jaleta has lived in Saskatchewan for 32 years and will be sharing some of the things he has done to immerse himself into Canadian society.

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