Gas pipeline to be converted into oil for the Energy East Pipeline in Southwest Regina's Harbour Landing. Photo by Virginia Wright.

If you are affected by the Energy East Pipeline, the National Energy Board wants to hear from you.


The NEB opened their Application to Participate Process on Feb. 3. The process will close on March 3. According to the NEB it is an opportunity for any person who, in the board’s opinion, is directly affected by the pipeline or anyone who has expertise and information to be heard.

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A worker plies his trade in Regina. A new Supreme Court ruling allows for greater workers' rights. Photo by Eric Westhaver

Unions plowed the prairies, and built the cities where we trade. After a Supreme Court decision, their right to strike is saved.


On Jan. 30, a Saskatchewan law that restricted the working rights of public sector employees was struck down by the Supreme Court. The Public Service Essential Services Act, more commonly known as “Bill 5”, was ruled unconstitutional by a 5-2 majority.

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Jennifer Strudwick stands in empty dairy barn.

Across Saskatchewan there are a number of farms for sale. Some have been on the market for years and others are snapped up right away.

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Chamakese, left, and Gladue, right, will be performing at the University of Saskatchewan for Aboriginal Achievement Week.

Aboriginal Achievement Week is underway at the University of Saskatchewan. It is organized by the Aboriginal Student Centre. Events are scheduled throughout the week and include musical performances, art exhibitions, and a round dance.

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Film equipment used in the industry. Photo by Kendall Latimer.

Saskatchewan’s film industry is rolling despite a final cut to the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit program in 2012. But not everyone plans to remain on set.

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Licensed activities such as poker tournaments and bingos are just two of many activities that can generate a provincial grant. Photo by Creeden Martell.

Saskatchewan’s charitable endeavours have a few more pennies in the pot. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Association recently handed out approximately $1.5 million in charitable gaming grants to over 700 organizations and groups across Saskatchewan.

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University of Regina's Kirstin Kuka.

Kirstin Kuka has seen both sides of mental health services in the province. The 22-year-old was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 19. Since then she’s noticed flaws in the system.

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The Saskatchewan government is giving health care a booster shot with a plan to recruit more foreign-trained doctors.

“The Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment program presented 19 new doctors in Saskatchewan this month, to meet the physician needs of communities and health regions,” said Tyler McMurchy, senior media relations consultant for Saskatchewan Health.

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