Photos of past Regina Rams teams.

The Super Bowl has come and gone this year and 114.4 million people tuned into it. For Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan and his family, the focus now shifts to supporting the Bob Ryan Foundation.


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A lock and chain keep the rink doors closed.

Hockey players and skaters around Regina may have noticed a brand new outdoor skating complex in Harbour Landing. Unfortunately for them, the rink is currently unusable with no timetable on when it will be opened.


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Bike rack at U of R. Photo by Rikkeal Bohmann.

“I put on my ski pants and I feel invincible,” said John Klein, an avid cyclist in Regina.


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With the arrival of winter, Canada’s other favourite season is underway- hockey season. But many youth are kept off the ice due to soaring enrollment fees and equipment costs.

 Ehrlo Sport Venture Library is eliminating these costs and giving Regina’s youth a chance to play organized sports. Located on 5th Avenue in North Central, Sport Venture Library loans equipment free of charge to currently over 100 groups in the city.

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