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Lights go down, music begins, and the audience eagerly awaits as Candide debuts on opening night. That is what Sterling Productions and the Regina Symphony Orchestra is hoping will happen once the show begins.

Through a newly formed partnership, Regina performers with Sterling Productions will have a unique opportunity to perform with the Regina Symphony Orchestra this spring; to bring the show Candide to audiences.

Sterling Productions is a non-profit organization begun in 2013. Every year they stage The Rocky Horror Show. Artistic director Shanna-Marie Jones says, “We consider ourselves (to be a) professional calibre, cutting-edge adult community theatre. Our goal is to bring new people to the theatre with more modern shows.”

Jones hopes this new partnership will bring fresh audiences to both organizations. It would bring Sterling’s younger audiences and RSO’s more classical-oriented music lovers together.

The musical Candide is based on a piece by Voltaire. “The music is absolutely stunning and includes amazing pieces that are really going to challenge the young people (performers) involved,” Jones says, adding it’s great for Sterling Production performers to take part in a classical production in comparison to the contemporary shows they predominantly select.

One of the performers, Sabrina Cataldo, says, “Candide is one of my favourite musicals of all time and so I just wanted to be a part of it.” She hopes Sterling Productions will have more opportunities to collaborate with the RSO in the future.

Candide is a French musical created by Voltaire in 1759. It takes a comedic approach to confronting deep rooted societal issues of that time. Sterling and RSO will take excerpts from this piece and put together a melodious production together highlighting what is Candide.

A date has not yet been set for the show, but it is slated for a springtime 2017 showing.


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