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Minimalism and the prairies – art and geography that go hand in hand. This is the focus of Richard Gorenko’s art. Gorenko is a well-known Saskatchewan artist originally from Canora who currently lives in Calgary and teaches at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

“The show will probably be compromised of 12 to 16 pieces” not including work by Gorenko already at Slate, said Slate co-owner and operator Kimberley Fyfe, contacted at the Toronto International Art Fair. “His work (will) go for $750 to anywhere up to $3,000 for the works on display,” said Fyfe.


Gorenko uses a variety of mediums to convey his scenes of prairie landscapes, tranquil lakes, shooting stars and open roads. Gorenko’s work radiates calm and pleasing aesthetics, all surrounded by a handmade wood frame, giving his work a unique and recognizable look.


The cartoonish look to his pieces and the silhouetted figures shown are often seen looking out on the landscapes and scenes, drawing more attention the backgrounds and natural beauty represented than in the foreground.


All of his pieces are minimalist with a strong horizon line and very little “busyness” said Fyfe. The pieces also convey a flatness given their lack of forced perspective or depth, giving a familiar and distinctly prairie feeling. “Having that really clean look in his work also brings a lot of attention to how he does the framing around it,” said Fyfe.


Despite his national acclaim and provincial ties, Gorenko has been absent from the Regina art scene in recent years, due to his move to Calgary in 2007. “He hasn’t had a solo show in Regina for many, many years - I believe it’s been about four years,” said Fyfe.


Slate Fine Art Gallery will be showing Gorenko’s In the Straits exhibit, running from Nov. 6 until Dec. 6. An opening reception will be held Nov. 6 from 5 to 8 p.m. at 2078 Halifax Street.

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