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  • The names they are a changin'

    Five places in New Brunswick used to have something unsettling in common: their names all included the word “Negro.” On Feb. 28, which is also the last day of Black History month, the names of all five places were changed and the word “Negro” was removed, as part of a nation-wide trend to replace culturally offensive placenames.

  • Agencies
  • Bucking the big city trend

    Small towns. The friendly, peaceful and slower paced way of life. To many people, that way of life sounds like heaven, yet the population of many towns in Saskatchewan is in decline.

  • International Women's Day: Including those on the sidelines

    There are 3.5 billion women in the world today. March 8, International Women’s Day, is a day that aims to recognize every single one of them.

  • Regina advocates rally for prisoner’s rights

    Colonialism No More sent a letter to federal public safety minister Ralph Goodale on Jan. 17, asking for an in depth investigation into a deadly riot that took place at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in 2016.


Protesters gathered at the provincial legislature March 8 to rally against possible pending budget cuts and privatization.

Rally for Saskatchewan

  • Sask Ledge Rally

    Photos by Katie Doke Sawatzky.

  • Sask Ledge Rally

    Hundreds of public sector workers gathered in front of the Saskatchewan Legislature on March 8.

  • Sask Ledge Rally

    Workers were protesting pay cuts proposed by the Wall government.

  • Sask Ledge Rally

    Hot dogs were provided to participants.

  • Sask Ledge Rally
  • Sask Ledge Rally

    People were also protesting privitization and layoffs.

  • Sask Ledge Rally

    Tom Graham, president of CUPE Saskatchewan.

Special Report