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by Nathan Devlin

Forget the recent news reports of UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas. If you want some serious news about UFO’s, you can find it right here at home.

Saskatchewan has a rich history of UFO sightings, says Barb Campbell, founder and director of the Saskatchewan Provincial Paranormal Research Centre. Campbell founded the SPPRC in 1994, and the group has been investigating a steady stream of reported UFO sightings in the province ever since. The source data for some of her investigations in Saskatchewan puts the stories from Stephenville to shame.

The National Archives of Canada contain documented accounts of UFO sightings in Saskatchewan, with testimonies taken from RCMP constables who responded to the calls, and pursued the UFO’s themselves.

Unlike Stephenville, where U.S. government officials dismissed the reported UFO sightings as being military aircraft, in Saskatchewan, both Transport Canada and the Moose Jaw military air base denied that there were scheduled aircraft of any kind in the area. 


In Stephenville, many people have been eager to speak with the meida in connection with the UFO sightings. Larry King recently did a full-hour on the Stephenville sightings, interviewing people from the town. In Saskatchewn, Campbell has found that many are reluctant to speak about what they’ve seen.


“A woman once told me that this (was) all too frightening for her to comprehend. That she would rather make it all go away…Then she would not have to deal with it and it would leave her alone,” said Campbell.


UFO sightings in Saskatchewan are on the rise, with a record 98 sightings last year. In rural areas, these sightings are often accompanied by animal mutilations. Barb Powell, also of the SPPRC, told Ink she saw “a 300 pound cow, 20 feet up a tree, and totally drained of blood” outside Maidstone, Sask. last year. In 2006, the small town of Maidstone, with a population of less than 1,200, accounted for nearly half the reported UFO sightings in the province.


Whether a person is a skeptic or a believer, the stories and explanations remain the same. Either the lights in the sky were either just planes or weather balloons flying overhead, or they were intelligent life from somewhere else.  Regardless, the number of people in Canada who believe in UFOs is certainly rising.