There are no supermarkets in North Central Regina, which is why Stephen McDavid and Helmi Scott are happy to spend $2 for soup and bannock at the Indian Metis Christian Fellowship. Photo by Jeremy Simes

We’re told an apple a day keeps the doctor away, yet getting fresh produce at a reasonable price in Regina’s North Central neighbourhood isn't a quick fix.


Helmi Scott, resident of North Central, said there aren’t any supermarkets in the area. In fact, North Central is among 76 per cent of Regina's neighbourhoods that don’t have a supermarket within 750 metres walking distance, stated Sask Trends Monitor’s June 2012 report.

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CatsSandra Klarer loves cats, but she’s not crazy.


Klarer and roughly a hundred volunteers with People for Animals of Saskatchewan (PFA) are trying to tackle what she calls Regina’s cat over-population crisis. No one really knows how many cats roam the streets of Regina. It is estimated that there are anywhere from a few thousand to as many as 25,000.


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Laura Stark, Naturopatic Doctor, in her office at Cathedral Centre for Wellness. Photo by Amanda SymynukAre you seeing results from those New Years resolutions to hit the gym and eat healthy? If no maybe you need a jump start. 


Detoxes and cleanses are often marketed to offer fast weight loss.


“I’ve done wild rose detox three times. It’s awesome,” said Melanie Pelletier.


 The main selling point of cleanse and detox programs is that the environment we live in and the food we eat are full of toxins and, to become healthier, we must get rid of those toxins from the body.

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City HallTime allotted for citizens to speak at city council meetings has been cut in half. The time will be dropping from 10 minutes to five minutes as of Jan. 27.


John Klein, a former city council candidate and occasional presenter at Council meetings, said he feels that this decision is a step backwards for getting citizen participation. “It’s not moving in the right direction. As for getting more democratic input from citizens, it sends the wrong message completely,” said Klein.


Another problem, said Klein, is a citizen needs to know what’s on the agenda before they can present at council but the agenda is not released until Friday, while the deadline for submitting briefs is Thursday.

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A patron searches for a book at the Central Library located in downtown Regina. Photo by Samanda Brace


It may not be much, but property taxes will be going up by an average of $3.50 to support libraries. The Regina Public Library is preparing for the city’s budget by proposing a mill rate increase of two per cent.

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Connaught School


The Regina Public Schools annual meeting of electors on Jan.28 will give the public an opportunity to participate in education planning by bringing up concerns and questions. The Board of Education will present to the public a report on what it has done since last year in an open forum.

 “The point of the annual meetings is to share information,” said Terry Lazarou, supervisor of communications for

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