One Stop Kid Shop helps parents find homes, centers and caregivers who offer child care services in Regina. Photo By Busayo Osobade.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. A woman has been arrested in Russia for beheading a girl and setting her parents’ house ablaze. A CCTV video in Moscow shows the woman, believed to be the victim’s nanny, carried the severed child’s head into the city’s metro station.

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The Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory is keeping an eye on Zika Virus but says there is little threat it could come to Canada. Photo By Busayo Osobade

A recent case of the Zika virus reported in the United States has been linked to being transmitted through sex, not a mosquito bite.

In Saskatchewan, health officials are watching these developments closely.

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Following the incident in Cologne, Germany where over 100 women and girls claimed they were sexually abused and robbed by gangs of men of “Arabic and North African appearance” in major cities on New Year's Eve, public concerns have been raised on how refugees and immigrants are educated for life in their new countries.

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J-School international intern Kendall Latimer has been covering the arts and culture scene in Thailand for the Bangkok Post. Stories, blog posts and photos are posted here.

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