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by Darryl Folkerson 

Students at the University of Regina got a glimpse into their futures on September 29th at the school’s Careers Day.

Approximately 150 different recruiters spilled out of the gym and into the halls at the Centre for Kinesiology Health and Sport

“We want to connect all U of R students and alumni with a wide variety of employers and organizations.  This helps job seekers network with potential employers and to explore career fields,” outlined James Gustafson, co-ordinator of career services at the university.  

Despite the large volume of businesses and corporations, some students didn’t feel their talents received much interest.   “There are a lot of companies which is really good but my problem is that the majority are here for business administrations or health.  There isn’t a whole lot for an arts student,” said Tamara Ruzic, whose degree is in psychology.

Lyanne Campbell of Saskatchewan Credit Unions disagrees.  She states her company isn’t looking for a specialized degree, but seeks a special attitude.  “We offer so much more than just finance.  We really have a diverse group of career opportunities.  The big thing is just for someone to be a team player,”  

The fair was rife with recruiters from all across Saskatchewan, not surprising with the province’s labour shortage.  However, there were also numerous companies from out of province looking to seduce some of Saskatchewan’s best youngsters.  Recruiters like Darcy Brandt from the Medicine Hat Police Service say his line of work is desperate for people.

“There are so many jobs in the industry that everyone is spread out real thin.  If you want to be a police officer today and you have the credentials, then you probably have your choice of any police service across Canada.”

The problem lies in having the proper credentials, though.  Gustafson hopes Careers Day will keep luring a greater variety of potential employers to suit students like Ruzic who didn’t find what she was looking for.  By his estimation, Careers Day grew by about 10 to15 companies this year and is likely to expand.  This is the twelfth year the fair has been in existence. 

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