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hagel1MOOSE JAW - Before he left NDP headquarters in Moose Jaw last night, Glenn Hagel received some unpleasant news. 

His close fought race against the Sask. Party's Warren Michelson had been lost by around 30 votes, or 0.4 per cent. Although all major media outlets have confirmed a Michelson victory, he remained optimistic knowing there was an undetermined number of absentee ballots scheduled to be tallied some time Thursday.

“I want to say without knowing what the results of this election may be, I accept the results with honor,” said Hagel, NDP candidate for Moose Jaw-North.

While speaking to around 50 supporters at Moose Jaw’s Union Centre—NDP headquarters for the evening—he was still awaiting the results of approximately 1000 advanced polls, which, according to the chief returning officer, is about four times more then normal.

He dispelled the possibility that a case of alleged fraud for which he quite cabinet for in May had anything to do with the voters' decision. The riding, he said, was fought on the issues alone. 

“We know for sure it will be at least half very well represented,” said Hagel, motioning to Deb Higgins, once again elected in the riding of Moose Jaw-Wakamow. 

“We have nothing to hang our heads over,” said Higgins. “We have taken the province of Saskatchewan from being on the brink of bankruptcy….and in terrible shape, to leaving the province with one of the best economies in the country.”

(Photo by Jordan Jackle)