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I've been perusing each constituency's candidates lately, making sure I am caught up on every riding, and I've noticed the NDP's team looks a lot different than it did 4 years ago.

Without question, two major NDP losses will be Eric Cline and Andrew Thompson; both are not seeking re-election. These two men are household names and big political players.

They are being replaced by young candidates. Cam Broten, a board member of the Saskatoon Co-op, is running in Saskatoon Massey Place (Cline's riding), while the NDP hopes Yens Pedersen, a Regina lawyer,  can retain Regina South without Andrew Thompson.

 In Regina South, the Sask Party has countered by placing Bill Hutchinson in this riding. Hutchinson served 12 years on the Regina City Council, and his name is well known. The Sask Party could gain some ground in Regina if Hutchinson can take out Pedersen.

Broten will also be in tough against Sask Party candidate Dennis Neudorf. Neudorf grew up in the constituency and has old ties in the Massey Place area.

On a final note, I spoke briefly with Thompson at the CBC once the scrums were over. He's a truly charismatic man and the NDP will certainly miss him.