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The Rams lost 51-1.


Slotted sixth in the country and first in their conference at the beginning of the year, the Rams were hoping to be Vanier Cup competitors this season. However, without Mueller’s leadership, the team is scrambling to find their footing on offence.


Gray admits he was nervous going into Friday’s game and understood that his inexperience would put him in a tough position.


“I was hoping to get at least one year under my belt until any playing time actually occurred” said Gray. “There’s not too much you can bring from high school to CIS. CIS is just way bigger, way faster, way stronger.”


Injured quarterback Mueller took a mentor role during the week to prepare Gray for the game.


“Marc helps out a lot, I take whatever I can from him,” said Gray. “He’s basically like another coach on the field. Talking to him one-on-one helps a lot.”


“We’ve got to have well played defense and special teams,” commented Mueller before the game. “Anything to make it easy for the young quarterback.”


Despite Gray’s hard work during the week, the Ram’s offense never seemed to click Friday night and the hard-working defense eventually just ran out of steam.


“It didn’t go as I planned it in my head” Gray said after the game. “Our offense just got a slow start and we never really picked it up. Once our defence is on the field for so long they are eventually going to get tired. You can only play so hard for so long.”


“Everyone was bummed out but they were still supportive and realize the position we’re in,” said Gray. “It was big and fast and overwhelming. It’s a whole new level of play.”


With the loss, the Rams now have a record of 0-3 this season. The Ram’s next game is Saturday against the University of Alberta in Edmonton.