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With the arrival of winter, Canada’s other favourite season is underway- hockey season. But many youth are kept off the ice due to soaring enrollment fees and equipment costs.

 Ehrlo Sport Venture Library is eliminating these costs and giving Regina’s youth a chance to play organized sports. Located on 5th Avenue in North Central, Sport Venture Library loans equipment free of charge to currently over 100 groups in the city.

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A woman enters Grasslands Rider Store.

For some, wearing a watermelon is a sign of pride, for others, it’s just crazy.


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CTV Regina's Bianca Millions.

It's one thing to be the only woman in the press box. It's another to be the only woman sports anchor in the province.

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Fantasy football found on a tablet and a cellphone.

For 16 weeks every year, thousands of people in Canada and the United States will be watching the NFL – but not just because they are hoping to see their team win.


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