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With the arrival of winter, Canada’s other favourite season is underway- hockey season. But many youth are kept off the ice due to soaring enrollment fees and equipment costs.

 Ehrlo Sport Venture Library is eliminating these costs and giving Regina’s youth a chance to play organized sports. Located on 5th Avenue in North Central, Sport Venture Library loans equipment free of charge to currently over 100 groups in the city.

Program Manager, Amanda McConnell, believes a child’s economic status shouldn’t be the defining factor to play sports.


“Sports, it’s a pretty big burden, so (the goal is) to give these young people an opportunity that they definitely would not have had,” said McConnell.


According to an online CBC article, competitive hockey can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. This type of financial sacrifice is unrealistic for many families.


“Families that can’t afford it don’t have that chance to be a part of something,” said McConnell.


The Outdoor Hockey League works with Venture Sport Library, giving youth a team experience.       


Marking their 22nd season, the OHL program has been extremely popular in Regina. The 2014-2015 season will expand to nine hockey rinks. The OHL Dress-a-Champion program suits youth from head to toe, with fitted equipment for the entire season. The cost of registration, equipment and transportation are completely covered.


The main source for equipment is donated by community and private donations and, like any library, Sport Venture Library relies heavily on the honour system.