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Limboby Megan Narsing

Limbo and Archie Cooper aren’t household names. In fact they aren’t even very well known in their own province. A select audience follows their work– electronic music fans.


In Regina the raging musical scene is rock and punk bands at O’Hanolans and folk groups. Unlike big cities all over the world, electronic music hasn’t really taken hold in Regina, according to Cooper.


Electronic music is completely made using technology, including turntables and, in some cases, just a laptop and a few mixing programs.


“In Regina's case I believe it will always be a predominantly rock town. The majority want bands with physically visible guitars and drums and such,” said Cooper.


Cooper was born and raised in Arcola, Sask. but after a few years on the Regina scene moved to greener pastures in Ontario and B.C.  “I found most people in Regina were happy to see me doing my thing even if it wasn't something they were into. The people who were into it were stoked and extremely supportive.”


Although more DJ’s are popping up at Regina clubs - like Gabos and PURE - and social events, it’s difficult to keep struggling performers around. But the artist Limbo sees a light in the distance.


“Regina is getting an electronic music interest. And there are definitely record labels being based out of here and there are other musicians from here, so I’m really hoping that Regina will have a part of the experience with electronic music in the future,” he said.


Limbo was born and raised in Regina. He’s been on the electronic scene since 2004 as a DJ and recording artist.


“Electronic music is growing right now. You just have to give it a chance. I know a lot of people out there are picking up in deejaying. There seems to be a lot of basic deejaying out here but not a lot of dance parties,” Limbo said.


The rise of DJ’s is a bit of a double-edged sword, Limbo added. With not many available venues open for them, work is scarce. Limbo recalled that in the past he would play two to three parties or raves a month; now he said he’s lucky to get four or five a year.


“I don’t know what the future holds. I mean I’m not a well-known artist. I’m not featured on a magazine or anything. I have a small following but I hope it can get bigger in the future.”