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Calves at GBT Angus ranch near Wawota, Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan recently passed up a chance to secure $62 million in federal funding for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but Saskatchewan farmers may still find ways to get paid for doing their part.

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Canadian author, Lorna J. Carleton.

Located in the store entrance of the Coles at the Northgate Mall sits a full table of dragon-themed decorations. The exquisite display presented upon shoppers draws their attention. Those who come up can find a blue and white female dragon rider statuette, a brown geode dragon egg, a pewter and amethyst wand, and a set of dragon bookends. Blue, green and clear gems and jewels, medallions, and necklaces adorn the table top. However, these items are not for sale. They are merely for show to bring attention to the stack of books sitting in one of the corners. And under the table is a stuffed toy dragon to play with for the kids who say hi to the woman standing behind the table. That woman is Canadian author, Lorna J. Carleton.

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 Cree Dictionary of Mathematical Terms for Elementary Class.


A trio of passionate and devoted First Nations University professors have answered to one call of the Cree speaking community by publishing the first Cree dictionary of mathematics terminology.

Ten years ago, Dr. Arzu Sardali, a physics and mathematics professor at FNUniv, initiated a nationwide math contest for First Nations schools, and it was then when “Many teachers told him that it would be good to have a dictionary of mathematical terms not only in Cree but also in [other] First Nations languages.”

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The Univeristy of Regina Press is making headway in preserving and promoting Indigenous languages. Photo by Celine Grimard.

Nestled in the heart of the prairies is one ambitious publisher that’s making a difference with reconciliation.

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Utility Athletics' CEO, co-founder and president, Max Ritz

Like many life-changing creations, Utility Athletics was born after a breakup.

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