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Brenda Hall says she became aware of her psychic abilites at 18-years-old when a dead person appeared to her while she was working as a waitress in a restauraunt. Photo by Cory Coleman

Brenda Hall discovered her psychic abilities when she was 18-years-old and saw her first dead person.

It wasn’t a dead body, she says, it was a dead person.

“Everything slowed down frame by frame, and this light opened up from above me, maybe about four feet above me, and it was this woman,” said Hall.

“She said, ‘Brenda, don’t worry, your life will be everything you ever thought it would be,’”

“I was so terrified by this experience I didn’t tell anyone about it for three years. I thought I was insane. I thought something is really wrong with my head."

Hall came to know this person as her spirit guide, Michelle, and that experience marked the beginning of Hall's journey to becoming a psychic medium and hypnotherapist. It would also lead her to Saskatchewan.

It was not a career path she expected, especially since she was raised in an atheist family.

“I started from having a very blank canvas, I guess you could say, but ironically that’s probably the best way to go about any kind of spiritual work, is being highly skeptic, not believing anything until you experience it for yourself,” said Hall.

“Everything I’ve learned has been from first-hand experience,” she added.

Hall didn’t pay much attention to her psychic abilities at first.

Instead, she became infatuated with hypnotherapy and decided to pursue a career in helping people through hypnosis.  

Before going to school for hypnotherapy, however, Hall worked at a flight simulation company where she met her future husband, an RCMP officer and aviation enthusiast from Saskatchewan.

Myles Hall was looking for flight simulation hardware for his computer and found a company in Chico, California that could help him.

It was the same company where Brenda worked.

“We had gotten to know each other quite well just through our email communications and the odd phone call,” Myles said.

After several months of communicating back and forth, Myles half-jokingly told Brenda he wanted to come see her in California.

To his surprise, Brenda agreed to the rendezvous.

Myles travelled nearly 2,500 kilometers to spend time with someone he had never met.

“I decided you know what, this is one of them moments in time when you just have to act and just say to hell with it,” Myles said.

After spending a week with Brenda, Myles headed back to Saskatchewan.

They didn’t see each other again until over a year later when Myles went back to see Brenda in California.

An unexpected guest made an appearance.

“We were playing chess and having cocktails on my patio, and as we’re sitting there all of a sudden I see this dead person standing next to (Myles),” Brenda said.

She asked Myles if he knew a man named Anthony and described his appearance.

 It turns out Anthony was his niece’s father who had died on a fishing trip.

Brenda and Myles were both stunned.

“She didn’t know nothing about any of my family members, much less my sister’s deceased boyfriend of a couple years ago,” Myles said.   

Brenda said Anthony had a message for Myles’ sister: he was proud of how she was raising their daughter.

As a retired RCMP officer with 20 years of policing experience, Myles says he’s seen it all, but he didn’t believe in psychic powers until he met Brenda.  

“I’m convinced there’s energies, or something, behind the scenes, that we can’t comprehend because we’re just mere mortals, but Brenda is able to tap into that somehow,” Myles said.

After growing tired of a their long-distance relationship, Brenda moved from California to the small town of Broadview, Sask. to be with Myles.

“Her family said she was committing career suicide, and I can’t say I disagreed with them,” Myles said.

“I mean, she just finished her schooling in Los Angeles, California, the hub of this kind of activity, and she moves to Broadview. Like, it’s insane,” Myles said with a chuckle.

But Brenda wasn’t worried.

“I have made massive life changing decisions based on nothing but my own intuition, nothing but the information I have received from dead people on the other side,” Brenda said.

Brenda arrived in Broadview 10 years ago, and two years ago the Halls opened the White Sage Wellness Centre in Broadview, where Brenda works as a hypnotherapist and psychic medium.

Myles says he’s amazed at how Brenda helps people, especially grieve-stricken parents who recently lost a child.

“When they come out of that office an hour later and they’re laughing, and they’re smiling, and they’re hopeful of any kind of future, I’m blown away by that,” Myles said.  

“They’re able to get some sort of incredible experience in that corner office that changes their lives, and I’ve seen it multiple, multiple, times.”