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Media Matters

CTV's Curtis Paradis on his YouTube channel, The Curtis Paradis Show.

Sun News Network employees found out early on the morning of Feb. 13 that they no longer have jobs. The TV network closed its doors, leaving about 300 people out of work.

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CTV sing in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Canadian commercials took an even bigger blow than the Seattle Seahawks after Super Bowl 49. It may have been the last time our country sees Canadian content during the big game.

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"Je suis Charlie" poster outside University of Regina School of Journalism.

The shootings at the Charlie Hebdo office on Jan. 7, much like 9/11, bombarded the front pages. Yet, the Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria, during the same time, failed to raise similar media attention.

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Young man plays Call of Duty.

If you consider yourself a gamer, chances are you know what GamerGate is. If not, welcome to the biggest video game world controversy.

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Regina's war memorial.

All hell broke loose in Ottawa on Wed. Oct. 22 when a shooter shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a reservist who was standing guard at the National War Memorial.

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Postmedia has aquired 175 more newspapers across Canada. Photo by Kailey Guillemin.

It was big news in Canadian journalism this week as Postmedia Network Canada Corp announced it was buying 175 English newspapers from Quebecor Inc.

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