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Connaught School


The Regina Public Schools annual meeting of electors on Jan.28 will give the public an opportunity to participate in education planning by bringing up concerns and questions. The Board of Education will present to the public a report on what it has done since last year in an open forum.

 “The point of the annual meetings is to share information,” said Terry Lazarou, supervisor of communications for

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 The recent vote by transit workers for job action won’t affect the current transit system, says Regina bus driver, Mike Miller. “The job action is enough to make a stand without affecting the public.” Miller says.


Although it won’t change the amount of buses running, improvement of the system is still something that is on the minds of many Regina residents.

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Raw milk drinkers Emily Kutarna (left) and Jana Kutarna (right) at the Food Freedom Rally in Regina on Nov. 23. Photo by Christeen Jesse.

Raw milk drinkers Emily Kutarna (left) and Jana Kutarna (right) at the Food Freedom Rally in Regina on Nov. 23. Photo by Christeen Jesse.

by Christeen Jesse


It’s rich, it’s creamy, and it’s illegal.


The sale of raw (not pasteurized or homogenized) milk is banned in Canada, but on Nov. 23, raw milk drinkers around the country rallied against the law.


“It needs to be brought to the public’s attention that we really don’t have the rights and freedoms for choosing the foods that we want to put in our mouths,” said Katy Helliwell, organizer of the Freedom Food Rally in Regina.


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A girl plays in a Regina daycare Wednesday. Photo by Tory Gillis

A girl plays in a Regina daycare Wednesday morning. Health officials say children should receive measles vaccinations before age 5. Photo by Tory Gillis.

by Tory Gillis


A dangerous disease from the past is showing up in Saskatchewan clinics.


Measles is rarely seen in Canada because immunizations can prevent it completely, but there have been six reported cases in Regina this year.

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Bob Crowe demonstrates how cows are milked to a group of kids during Agribition. Photo by Josee St-Onge.

by Josee St-Onge


The cows waiting to be milked at the Canadian Western Agribition don’t seem to mind the crowds gathering around them.


Bob Crowe is getting ready to show a group of curious kids where exactly the milk in their cereal comes from. He’s a retired milk producer and has come from Dauphin, Man. to share his knowledge about the industry.

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Christmas wreaths on Rose Street in Regina

Wreaths hang on downtown lampposts in Regina for the holiday season. Photo by Trelle Burdeniuk.

by Trelle Burdeniuk

The Christmas wreaths lining downtown Regina weren't made in Santa's workshop, but at a place a bit closer to home. A farm in Lajord, about 40 km southeast of Regina, houses Harvest Community Inc. The organization employs adults with special needs who worked from July until October making Christmas decorations for the Queen City.


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