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U of R professor Joseph Mburu

The continent of Africa has seen more than its share of military takeovers, and experts are cautiously watching the latest one in Burkina Faso.

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It was one of the darkest times Ukrainians have ever faced. This week, Ukrainian-Canadians will remember, somberly.

This week is National Holodomor Awareness Week, dedicated to the remembrance of the Holodomor, a 1930s famine that occurred in Ukraine under the Soviet Union. Historians estimate that up to 10 million people starved to death. The Canadian government, along with 15 other countries, European Parliament, and the UN General Assembly, regard the famine as dilberately imposed by the USSR, and consider it to be genocide.

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Mellissa Fung captivates audience at the University of Regina’s School of Journalism. Photo by Virginia Wright

In October 2008, Mellissa Fung was kidnapped and held captive for 28 days in Afghanistan. The former CBC journalist spoke on Nov. 17 at the University of Regina’s School of Journalism but focused little on the abduction.

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While ISIS and Hong Kong dominate headlines, an issue that used to command international attention is slowly concluding away from the cameras.

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