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by Robyn Tocker

Aimee Castillo worried for her family when she heard of Typhoon Haiyan. The president of the University of Regina Filipino Student Society (URFSS) says once she heard her family was safe she was “more concerned for the Filipinos in the affected area.”

In response, URFSS held a fundraising lunch for two hours on Nov. 15.

The $2140.30 raised was divided between Luther World Relief and Canadian Jesuits International and will be sent to representatives in the Philippines. URFSS also collected 15 boxes of donations, including dry food, clothing, and blankets.


Castillo says the money raised will be divided into the major concerns facing the Filipinos, such as housing, medicine, clothing, and food.

Dinah Tambalo, a member of URFSS with family in the Philippines, says she’s proud of the group for the work they did, but it’s heartbreaking to see what’s happened to the country. She was relieved to hear of her family’s safety.

Tambalo served food at the lunch fundraiser and says it was encouraging to see people willing to help out. Yet she noticed there is a lack of information among the students.

“It seems like people are willing to help if they know what’s going on.”

Tambalo is satisfied with what the Saskatchewan government is doing, but she says the university could put more effort into informing students about how they can help.

Castillo is grateful for her group’s hard work. “I’d like to say a thank you for the cooperation of everyone and their help with making the donations successful and for still helping.”


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