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Career booths at spring fair
By Alec Konkel
The spring career fair was held at the University of Regina on February 5, with over 1,000 students in attendance, many of whom are looking for jobs and opportunities to pay back their growing student debt. 
     This year there were 102 exhibitors from a number of different fields of work, from the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP to MNP Accounting and Brandt Group of companies. 
     For some, like first-year student Anup Benjamin Gomes, the fair is helpful and informative. Gomes, who was at the fair looking for a summer job, said that “The [employers] provide instructions on how to apply, [and] how the procedure actually works.” He also said that while some students might not find the fair is right for them, it was still a great experience for him, and he would recommend it to others. 
     Many of the employers feel that the career fair is a great opportunity for students. A representative of the Canadian Armed Forces, Sgt. Jesse Mansfield said that many students are interested in the Armed Forces because of the great travel opportunities. “I think it’s an amazing opportunity. I remember when I graduated back in 1997 we didn’t have anything like this. It was like out the door and have fun. So I think it’s a great opportunity for the students to see what is out there because there is a lot of different opportunities out there.” 
     Recruitment officer and HR person for Brandt, Juanita Semple echoed this thought. “I think it’s a really good experience for the students. First of all, it gives them an opportunity to actually talk to the employers and see what employers are looking for. It also helps with some of the preliminary interview skills. We find, especially with the younger students, they are very nervous about talking to employers so the more that they can talk to them and get to know them as they walk around the fair, they get a little more comfortable talking kind of one on one with potential employers for the future.” 

     The fair is one of two offered to students looking for employment, summer jobs, internships or fieldwork. The other opportunity is the fall semester career day.

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