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The fight against cancer will hit the ground running this march. The University of Regina will be hosting the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the organizers are looking for volunteers for the all-night event.


The planning committee is entirely made up of student volunteers said Doug O’Brien the U of R's Relay for Life staff advisor. The project began as an idea in 2011, and was first run in 2012. This will be the fourth year the relay has taken place at the university.


O’Brien says he has a personal interest in the event. “On a personal side, my sister has battled cancer essentially through her whole life. Also, my mom is currently in cancer treatment. I do have a fairly significant personal attachment to this particular project.”


Nicole Krupski, co-chair of the committee, feels the same, “It means a lot to me. I’ve had a couple people pass away from cancer and it’s really nice to see the whole event come together.”


The relay will run throughout the night, with one member of each team on the track at all times according to committee co-chair Bryan Wilson. During the relay, various activities and acts will help motivate the runners, including singers, comedians, and themed laps.


“I personally have never had anyone in my family who has been affected by cancer, I think because of that I feel very fortunate and makes me want to help out more. It’s a cause I’ve always felt very strongly for,” said Wilson.


Despite limited media coverage, the planners are hoping to recruit more volunteers before the event by handing out popcorn at the Riddell Centre and planned classroom visits. “In the next few weeks is when we get the huge rush of our teams, so I’m expecting it will be full. We are aiming for 25 teams,” said Krupski.


The event will be held on Mar 20 and will run from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. at the university. The goal is to raise money for cancer research, with similar events held in over 20 countries around the world. Volunteers or those wishing to donate can sign up at the Relay for Life website

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