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The U-Pass petition has two weeks to get 200 more signatures to reach its 700-signature goal. The Regina Public Interest Research Group is leading the petition for a student bus pass, the U-Pass, which would be included in students’ tuitions in 2015.

The current student city monthly bus passes are set to rise from $53 to $78 by 2017. Regina Green Ride Transit Network, a branch of RPIRG, is working on implementing the U-Pass to subsidize the cost for students to $70 to $90 per semester and possibly boost ridership.


Since the petition began back in mid-October, the U-Pass group has been actively working to up its volunteer base and social media presence to achieve its goal.


“(We) only need to average 15 petition signatures per day during the next two weeks to finish the petition,” the campaign's website states. Once it hits the 700 signature mark, the campaign will be able to present the petition to the University of Regina Student’s Union and discuss a referendum.


University of Regina student John Kapp plans to sign the U-Pass petition. He finds that busing in Regina is difficult but the parking situation at the university isn’t much better. “The U-Pass will greatly increase ridership, as it has done in other cities. Increased ridership of this magnitude will likely lead to more and better routes,” said Kapp.


Beginning Nov. 20, the U-Pass volunteer group will set up its petition at the Farmer’s Market in the Research and Innovation Centre at the university.