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Notes and numbers won’t be the only thing exchanged at the university this week. The Regina Farmers Market will be setting up at the University of Regina on Thur., Oct. 30. The weekly market at the Research and Innovation Centre Atrium showcases local vendors offering a variety of products.


Kandra Forbes, a sustainability intern with the Regina Farmers Market, said the market has been operating on campus since last semester. The market began their second season at the university on Oct. 2. Customers so far have been supportive of the market, said Forbes.

The Regina Farmers Market also held a bi-weekly outdoor market at 12th Avenue and Scarth Street up until Oct. 11.


“It’s cool because anytime you get something that’s handmade or produced in a small local sense it’s different than what you pick off the shelves,” said Marcel Hunt, a frequenter of the market’s downtown location. “At the same time, you get to pay money directly to the people that are contributing all the effort into the people that are making the product.”


“I hope they are around forever,” Hunt added.


“It’s slowly picking up. Depending on the week, some vendors say they have better business,” said Forbes. “Some weeks are a little slower, but for the most part it seems to be really popular.” Forbes said the market organizers hope to return to the campus next semester as well.


The market was originally established in 1975. It offers products produced in and around Regina. Many of the food products are also organic or offer diabetic, celiac, and healthier alternatives. Items for sale also include metal sculptures and jewelry. In addition, many vendors offer ethnic foods from a variety of countries. The exact vendors for each event vary.


“I think it’s a great way to exercise your purchasing power. Things that you might buy normally, you can buy local and usually there a lot better because you know where they come from,” said Forbes.


“If I have to buy soap, I might as well buy soap from someone locally. That way you are keeping the money in our local community and you’re still getting stuff you’d probably be buying anyways,” Forbes said.


The market will be held every Thursday at the university until the last week in December, with the next market on Oct. 30.