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Figuring out what consultants do was at times a major challenge. Here’s how some of them describe their work:
Syntegration facilitates planning, decision making and information sharing in a non-hierarchical, non-threatening context, and supports collaborative development and implementation of strategies and plans.
-        Team Syntegrity Americas Inc. (Health)
We provide stewardship, which comprises the processes and systems to establish and maintain quality in each phase of the project life cycle.
-        ZW Project Management (Health)
At the core of the model is a self-sustaining interactive ecosystem that spreads its message, content and products faster and more cost-effectively than a traditional brand, while driving deeper participation and engagement.
-        Blast Radius (Executive Council)
Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality...Our focus is on making change happen and helping people and organizations realize their potential.
-        Hay Group (Public Services)
Policy In Action uses a disciplined approach to seek out fresh perspectives on defining an issue and innovative approaches to creating solutions.  In this generalist approach Policy In Action provides imaginative, intuitive, inquisitive, and inspirational leadership in managing human intellect, making linkages across a wide range of disciplines and helping to convert information into useful products or services.
-        Policy in Action (Justice)
Our solution-based services are founded on mature internal competencies in technology provisioning, enterprise software licensing etc.
-        Acrodex Inc (Justice)
Managing risk is about navigating uncertainty to generate actionable insights. Insights that are critical to financial institutions and asset managers, not only to improve their risk controls, but also to identify opportunities to create value. Risk Advisors Inc. was founded to transform this conviction into reality.
-        Risk Advisors Inc (Justice)