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The co-chairman says the recruits have organized a handful of Grey Cup firsts. This includes an education supplement where teachers in over 1,000 schools in Saskatchewan have the option of integrating the Grey Cup into the curriculum. Also, the Richardson Pioneer Rider Nation Community Celebration gave money to three small towns in Saskatchewan that went to improving their sports community and facilities.

Although Stefan is all smiles this time around, preparation for the Grey Cup hasn’t always been this relaxing.

He explained that in 2003, there were 14 areas to be looked after like stadium operations, ticket sales, and more. All of them were run by volunteers. Now, only nine areas are run by volunteers. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have taken on all of the game day and stadium responsibilities.

Stefan’s hard work and community involvement isn’t going unnoticed, though. He won CTV Regina’s Citizen of the Year award in 2012, and was one of this year’s winners of the University of Regina Alumni Crowning Achievement awards.

Dave Pettigrew, chairman of the festival, says Stefan is the ideal volunteer and partner.

“He’s a rock star,” Pettigrew said.

“He’s a tremendous community leader and an awesome guy. For me to be working arm and arm with him, I couldn’t have a better colleague.”