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Mud Hero, Canada’s largest obstacle running series, is held in almost every province except Saskatchewan. Regina local Dale Jackson is looking to change that.


Jackson attended his first Mud Hero race last August in Red Deer, Alberta. The race involves long distance running combined with challenging obstacles.


Jackson explained that the registration fee for the six-kilometre race cost just $25, but he had to spend “over $700 for gas and hotel accommodations.” So, when he returned home from Red Deer, he emailed the event organizers requesting that the race be held somewhere in Saskatchewan. 


Jackson said the organizers responded, asking him for location ideas. The runner explained that he thinks the Mission Ridge Winter Park located in Qu’Appelle Valley would be an ideal location for the race.


Ted McLeod, co-founder of Crazy Canuck Events, the organization that oversees Mud Hero, said there are many factors that go into finding a new venue for the event.



“We like to bring people into unique venues that showcase the landscape of wherever we’re going to be hosting an event. On top of that, can we do things like set up our obstacles safely and can we dig mud pits?” McLeod said.


He also noted that parking is a big concern, and the event must be held near a body of water to create mud.


The race features a variety of obstacles which include a cargo net climb, a mud slide, a balance beam, and more. In total, there are up to about 19 different obstacles that runners could face during the run. 


Regina’s Amy Eklund, who has four marathons under her belt, said she would participate in Mud Hero if it was available in Saskatchewan.


“Coming from a marathoner’s view, I think it would be a different training aspect. You would be overcoming many different challenges. I also love obstacle courses. But I would think it would be a big challenge,” Eklund said.


Local runner Ghia Schell is hoping to compete in a mini triathlon this year. She said she would also compete in the event if it came to Saskatchewan.


“It would be very interesting, that’s for sure. Plus, it’s one of those things where it’s like running a half-marathon where no one actually thinks it’s a good idea, and then when you do it, you’re so glad you were a part of it,” Schell said.

Jackson's medal and bib from the August 2013 Mud Hero race in Red Deer, Alberta. Photo by Colton Hordichuk


Unfortunately for Jackson, Mud Hero is booked up for 2014, but the runner remains determined to bring the event to Saskatchewan.
Jackson's medal and bib from the August 2013 Mud Hero race in Red Deer, Alberta. Photo by Colton Hordichuk.


“I’ll email them again… I want to see why they didn’t bring it here this year, and if they are thinking about it next year,” Jackson said.


“Once you start doing something like (Mud Hero), it’s addicting.”


Meanwhile, Jackson recently returned from running Walt Disney’s World Marathon Weekend. He is currently signing up for other races for the rest of the year.