Some things like houses can comfortably last 30 years. Other things are like your 1991 Saturn and could use an update. It has been over 30 years since the Federal Privacy Act was enacted and due to the vastly different methods in which information is stored and transmitted, experts agree it could stand to be updated.


 On 28 Jan. interim federal privacy commissioner Chantal Bernier published the annual Privacy Commission Report, which includes recommendations on how the government could better protect the privacy of Canadians.

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This Service Canada branch in downtown Regina will be the only one in the province still housing a Veterans Affairs office, after the Saskatoon location closes on Friday. Photo by Brady Knight.

A Saskatoon man who served in the Canadian military for more than 25 years says the federal government is penny-pinching at the expense of veterans. Al Boyce served overseas in Europe and was part of the first F-18 squadron to fly into the Gulf War. He's not happy with the news eight Veterans Affairs offices will close across the country on Friday afternoon, including one in Saskatoon.

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by Drew Fossum


The RCMP had limited knowledge of the abuses at residential schools, according to a recent report.


The report, released on  Oct. 29 at a Truth and Reconciliation Commission event in Halifax, describes the RCMP’s role  as that of “responsive truant officer.”  Officers were not directly involved with school activities but acted on the request of Indian Agents to enforce compliance with the Indian Act, the report stated.

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